What to Expect


Our church building has two entrances: there is a front entrance (up the front steps) and a side entrance (on the ground level). Our sanctuary is not ground level, but we have a chair lift within the side entrance that is available for those who cannot climb stairs.

Our sanctuary seats about 80 people. Feel free to sit in whichever pew you like.

There are no restrooms located on the sanctuary level. There is one unisex restroom located on the ground level and two restrooms located in the lower level.


On Sunday, we have a Sunday school class for elementary age children. All other ages meet in the sanctuary for a combined class. Sunday school starts at 10:00 a.m. and  lasts about 45 minutes.


Our Sunday worship services last about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. Our Sunday services consist of  traditional hymns and gospel songs, two Bible readings, an offering, and expository preaching. Guests are not expected to take part in the offering.

However, we would appreciate it if  guests would fill out a registration card. The registration card provides us with helpful information so that we can better serve you – information like your name, address, age, and how you heard about our church. Whatever information is provided we use for our own records and do not share any information outside of our own ministry.


A nursery is provided for those who have children younger than four. Experienced volunteers will be happy to care for your little one. We encourage children four and up to worship with their families.


  1. Sean Richard McCarthy

    I just visited your church. I really enjoyed it alot.

  2. Richard Saunders

    Finally, a pastor who is well educated, smart,well spoken who teaches the TRUE WORD of GOD at all times! He is just a wonderful Pastor. The people are friendly and wonderful. You will love it and enjoy! You MUST see the small GEM!!!

  3. Richard Saunders

    This is the place YOU want to be, if you want a well educated pastor, who is an eloquent speaker, but most importantly a teacher of GOD’S WORD as written in the BIBLE! He is a caring an wonderful man, as is his family. You just may find your church home, as the membership is friendly and gracious. I accepted CHRIST JESUS as my LORD and SAVIOR at this church, was baptised and am a new member now.

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